Best Wishes, Mr. President


The trumpeter swans were comical yesterday as I was taking photos of them.

On this historical day, I share in the hope with everyone else for a new beginning for our country.  I wish our new president, Barack Obama, every success.  He has inherited some very difficult circumstances (likened only to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt), and I know the road will be long and difficult.  May he persevere so that our nation will once again prosper. 

I have realized taking photographs makes me really happy.  I so enjoy the photo a day project I'm doing with my Mom and it will be interesting to see how our outdoor photographs change with the seasons, and to see what our daily adventures bring. 

After I get back from Florida, I really have to address some computer issues.  My computer is running SO SLOW, and I have over 21,000 photos stored on my C drive (as well as an external hard drive, and some of them are have been backed up onto DVDs).  I need to move the vast majority of my photos to the external hard drive and also back up photos from 2007 and 2008 onto DVDs.  Tedious but very necessary maintenance.  I also need to defragment my computer.  That should help as well.

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