Biting Black Flies and No Wind


This “Camping Girl” is back in her favorite place for a few days to get some photos of the Assateague horses on the beach before the end of summer.  The horses go to the beach in the summer to escape the heat and most of all the BITING BLACK FLIES.  You rarely see the horses on the beach in the cooler months of the year.  So, I arrived Monday afternoon at 2:30 p.m., only to find someone else with their tent up in my spot.  As I have camped in Assateague several times over the past few years, I have never had an issue with someone else being assigned the same spot.  All is well now, except no wind and the worst case of biting flies I have ever seen.  They were EVERYWHERE, and they were biting me in spite of all the bug spray I kept applying.  Finally I had to cover myself from head to toe, long pants, long sleeved t-shirt, and socks, which work really well for keeping the sand out of  your tent!  Who knew?

If anyone has a remedy for keeping the biting flies from biting, please let me know!

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