An Addendum to “The Downside of Living in an RV”

It seems like I forgot a couple of things when I drafted my post “The Downside of Living in an RV:”1.  When one or both of you get sick 🙁  The Captain and I both […]

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The Downside to Living in An RV

The Captain and I have taken a break from the RV park life and are staying at a friend’s house in Port St. Lucie for a couple of days before taking the travel trailer up to […]

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Three Weeks of Tiny House Living

The Captain and I have been enjoying tiny house living for the past three weeks.  It’s almost as if we are living in an alternate universe.  I really DON’T miss all of the stuff I […]

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Snow birding 101: When Weather Happens

We’ve had some rainy, chilly and very windy days here in Marathon, and it’s no fun to be cooped up in the trailer for days when it rains or the winds are blowing at 10 […]

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Snowbirding 101: What Type of Snowbird Are You?

The Captain and I are new at snow birding (which is defined as people from the northern U.S. and Canada who travel south to warmer climates, such as Florida, Arizona, Southern California, the Caribbean, etc. […]

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My Visit to the Lower Ninth Ward

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Visit to the Big Easy, Part II

I took a tour of the city through Gray Line, and our driver and tour guide was a New Orleans native.  He provided a vast, rich and personal history of the city.  We made a […]

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Hanging out in the Big Easy

This trip to New Orleans was a spur of the moment decision. I left home on Saturday, after finishing up at the house in Churchton.   I am meeting up with the Captain and our […]

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2016 Calendar Winners

For the past several years, I have created a calendar for family and friends.  I take LOTS of photos every year.  As of this writing, I have taken 9,990 photos (primarily with my iPhone and […]

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Traveling the ICW: Wrightsville Beach, NC to Charleston, SC

Wrightsville Beach to Myrtle Beach We finally left Wrightsville Beach on Tuesday, October 6th around 11:45 a.m., after five long days in port.  Before returning the rental car, we made a trip to Harris Teeter […]

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