Blog Post Number 1,001: Reflections


1,000 Blog Posts:

I have been blogging in this space since April of 2008.  Here is my first blog post:

I had no clear vision of what I wanted from a blog, I suppose back then it was an outlet for me to share craft ideas, recipes and photography ideas.

Many bloggers have been blogging for far less time and have been far more successful and have built a magnitude of followers, sell products, conduct online classes and I imagine have a clear focus of who they are and where they are going. I’d like to be among that elite group of bloggers.

I’m just not there yet.

I went many months at times without blogging at all. Today, I still don’t have many followers, and that’s okay with me. I have ideas that I am exploring to finally take my blog to the next level.

I had the MOST vivid dream the other night about a hummingbird.  I researched what hummingbird dreams meant, and it went something like: You have great ideas that need to be explored.  

That struck a chord within me.

My all time most read post was the one I wrote after the Captain and I got married.

Some of my other favorite posts include:

My Road Trip Across America Posts:

With 1,000 blog posts to sift through, it will take a while to re-discover all of my favorites.  Perhaps a new series?

Going Forward:

I am still struggling with the focus of my blog.   I know I need to post on a more consistent basis.

I committed to narrowing my focus and concentrating on photography and travel.  However, I really miss writing about my creative endeavors.  I understand the concept of having a clear idea of what my blog is about, so that if someone follows me knowing that I write about travel and photography, they won’t see a post on “how to make a pumpkin roll.”  (Really, what is wrong with that?)

In the end, the really successful people in life (and blogging) let their own personalities shine through, and trust their instincts.

I’m still sorting it all out, still, after all of these years.

Maybe a separate platform for travel and photography and one for Kathy and her creative endeavors.

Anyway, I’m still a work in progress, and,

I can’t believe I’ve published 1,001 blog posts….

That’s commitment, and dedication, my friend.

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