Bonus Day!

As of right this moment, it is 62 degrees!  I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this warm spell because it is most certainly over after today 🙁  Only 49 degrees for the high tomorrow and talk of a snow/rain mix on Saturday.  Welcome to the inevitable change of seasons.

On to my Christmas Journal entry for December 2nd:

December 2a 

December 2b
 I read on another blog about a woman who participated in the Christmas Journal in 2007, then skipped last year because she felt it would be too much of the same, and then decided to journal this year because she's expecting her first child and thought it would be meaningful to document her Christmas while pregnant. 

This is my 3rd year in a row documenting my Christmas.  Things probably aren't vastly different from year to year in my life, but it's something I enjoy doing.  I look forward to the prompts every day from December 1 through January 6.

I suppose all of that to say that there's no right or wrong way to journal or not journal your Christmas.

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