Busy Times

DSC_4323  More tomatoes from my mini garden, water droplets courtesy of a passing rain shower ;-).  Basil is also growing in the same pot and can be seen in front of the tomatoes… 😉

  • Working a lot away from home these days, and not getting much done otherwise which doesn't make me happy, as in minimal pool time — last week I didn't even go once!
  • My garden got away from me this year, and I didn't plant any seeds — not even sunflowers — so unlike me.
  • I'm almost done uploading photos to the Kodak Gallery — now I've got to order all the photos, but I was really selective in the ones I decided to upload.
  • Really hoping the sprinkler system is FINALLY fixed.
  • I've got to get back to doing what makes me happy instead of continuing to do stuff that doesn't.  Make sense?

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