Butterfly Babies 2011 – Part II

DSC_5851DSC_5943DSC_6038The metamorphosis is complete.  From caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.  (From chrysalis to butterfly took about 10 days).  I was out yesterday, and when I came home, this beauty was flying around in the castle, looking for a way out.  I've said this before, I never get tired of witnessing this process.  In the bottom photo of you look to the right of the butterfly's wing, there is another chrysalis.  I am so happy this butterfly came out healthy.  There are 29 chrysalis's in the castle now, and two more caterpillars still waiting to make their transformation.  They are still eating parsley.  I had to go to Whole Foods and buy parsley because I ran out of plants (4 huge parsley plants and a dill plant eaten to nothing but stalks). 

Butterflies should be emerging every day now.  If one isn't healthy, then I will deal with the situation humanely.

In other blog news, I am revamping the site slowly, but surely.  I'm not sure if I'm sticking with this layout, but I definitely want to get some samples of my photography displayed here.  All of the prints will be for sale (except for portraits — they are part of my portfolio, and are being shown as examples).  I have added my hummingbird photos, and am working to add other categories of photos.  All of the photos shown have been reduced to 72 dpi which means they are fine for computer viewing, but are not suitable for printing.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in purchasing any prints.

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