Butterfly Babies 2011

DSC_7248 copy
 I took the photo of these caterpillars on August 5, 2010, exactly 9 months ago to the day.  Shortly thereafter, they went into their chrysalis phase:

And stayed there all through the winter.  The wind really tore up the castle:

DSC_2099 copy copy
(photo taken March 2, 2011).  The cocoons are all still there.

And today:

DSC_5488The first butterfly has emerged after almost 9 months. 🙂

I know I have posted about my butterflies before, but it is always a miracle every time I see a butterfly in the castle.  I hope one day to see one actually come out of the cocoon, but the process happens so fast, that I have yet to witness it.

DSC_5505 copy
There are four cocoons left.  I hope they all turn into beautiful butterflies.  (Sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way, but I always hope for the best).

Stay tuned for more butterfly miracles!

P.S.  I have ordered another butterfly castle.

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