Camera Crisis :-(


Nikon D300 mounted on a Gorillapod

So bummed…  Had to take my new Nikon D300 to Penn Camera for shipment back to Nikon for repair – it is having AF (auto focus issues).  In the process I found out my 80 to 200 mm telephoto lens is not working properly either, and is really not worth the cost to fix it.  The guy at Penn Camera gave me a few suggestions for a replacement lens, and since I’m looking for a macro lens as well, he suggested an Nikkor 18-200mm ED for $699, an 80 to 400mm VR ED for $1,400 (to replace my current telephoto and give me more flexibility for wildlife shooting).  A comparable Tamaron lens would run about $389 for an 18-200 or a 28-300 mm lens, or $489 for an 18-250mm lens.  I can’t even wrap my brain around replacement lenses right now.  I do have a digital 18-135mm lens that I purchased with the D300, so I’m probably going to just save up and buy the 80-400mm lens (gulp).  So, my camera is in the shop for six to eight weeks.  Did I mention I am really bummed????  I guess I’d better get out my Coolpix and see what I can do with that…and there’s always a chance a very nice someone may let me borrow my old D70 until I get my D300 back….;-)  (Sorry if all of this is too technical today).  The lesson here folks if there is one, is to definitely buy the best lenses you can afford.  I didn’t pay that much for my 80-200mm lens (about $150, and it lasted about three years).  Now the camera, let’s just hope that’s an unfortunate glitch that won’t happen again once it’s been repaired, because that camera did cost a lot of greenbacks.  The good thing is that the camera is still under warranty through Nikon (good deal)!  BTW, I highly recommend Penn Camera — the staff is very knowledgeable for whatever your level of expertise, and not the least bit arrogant to beginners.

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