Carving Pumpkins


Carved pumpkins today with my friend, Heather.  She is a master pumpkin carver.  She used to live two doors down from me and had the most amazing carved pumpkin display EVER, so I never felt the need to carve pumpkins, because I'd just go and look at hers.  Well, Heather moved to a new neighborhood close by and invited me over to carve pumpkins with her, and she shared all of her pumpkin carving secrets. I only got one done today, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.  To keep it looking fresh, Heather says to put Vaseline on the cut portions of the pumpkin and cover it with saran wrap and keep it cold.  (Mine will be sitting outside).  Thanks, Heather.  We're going to carve more pumpkins on Thursday. 

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