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In Washington DC for July 4th 2016? Welcome to My Hometown and My Top 10 List of Things to Do

If you’re hanging out in my hometown this weekend, Washington D.C. is a great city, with so many amazing (and free) things to do. Within D.C. City Limits, No Car Required  Go to the Mall […]

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Ocean City Maryland: Always My Happy Place

Do you have a favorite childhood memory of a place you and your family visited on summer vacation? I think most of us do. For me, there were two places. My grandmother’s house in West […]

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Day Trippin’ to see Cherry Blossoms

I’ve been watching the weather, waiting for these beauties to come into full bloom, and Monday was the day to go and catch the cherry blossoms in all of their glory.  (Weekends are absolutely insane trying […]

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A Day Trip to the Beach

I love going to the beach, any time of the year.  All of my life I have gone to Ocean City, Maryland.  It was the place my Mom took me and my siblings every single […]

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Polar Bear Swim in North Beach

When I am home for New Year’s, I have made a tradition of visiting my friend, Nanette, and going to see the annual “Polar Bear Swim” in North Beach, Maryland.  It is quite a spectacle […]

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Freezing My Feet Off at Gull Lake, MN

When you visit the “real” winter (snow and sub-zero temperatures from December-March), you must know what to wear in order to survive, and perhaps even enjoy a few outdoor excursions. It is really cold, cold […]

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When I Wake Up Early…

Magic happens. My sleep clock is all out of whack.  I was up at 5:00 a.m. this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I got out my camera and went to the Bay […]

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The Ultimate Comfort Food

Fall is definitely in the air.  I finally  had to break down and turn on the heat 🙁  I really do love fall and the leaves and even the chilly weather (at least until it […]

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Putting Summer to Rest

What a spectacular way to end the season on the Chesapeake Bay. One final trip across the Bay. With lots of memories and great times. And anticipation for next summer. Thanks. Let’s do it all […]

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Day Trippin’ in Rock Creek Park

Enjoy the slide show of photos I took in Rock Creek Park. I haven’t been to Rock Creek Park at all as an adult.  My parents may have taken me there when I was a […]

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