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Freezing My Feet Off at Gull Lake, MN

When you visit the “real” winter (snow and sub-zero temperatures from December-March), you must know what to wear in order to survive, and perhaps even enjoy a few outdoor excursions. It is really cold, cold […]

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When I Wake Up Early…

Magic happens. My sleep clock is all out of whack.  I was up at 5:00 a.m. this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I got out my camera and went to the Bay […]

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Inhaling the Last of Indian Summer

Enjoying the last few whispers of warm weather on the water. Fall colors are beginning to invade the trees here in the mid-Atlantic. Time to wrap up another summer and early fall, and look forward […]

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A Day in Photos

So thankful to FINALLY see the sunshine yesterday after a week of rain.  I put on my walking shoes and took a long walk around my neighborhood. I startled the seagulls at the pier. I […]

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Enjoying Summer While It Lasted

The weather has been so nice here, I’ve been outside savoring every minute, storing those memories to keep me warm when the weather turns cold and winter is here for the duration.  Last weekend was […]

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Navigating New Territory

  Wow, back at home and back into reality.  Tons of mail to deal with internet issues, email issues, bills to pay, home maintenance projects, etc.  Then back on the road.  I love being home, […]

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Beach Vacation is Winding Down

           So much can be said with photos.  Sometimes no words are necessary.  Sometimes words are necessary, such as “I was at the beach this year with my Mom,” because she isn’t in any of […]

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This Morning’s Walk

This morning, I managed to get up and out the door before 8:00 a.m. for my walk.  I logged 3.75 miles in an hour, which included walking up a REALLY BIG hill and a smaller […]

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There is No Crying in Baseball

I am willing to face the music for the decisions I've made in my life.   There is no crying in baseball, or in life. I reference this post specifically, and feel the need to […]

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This is Why I Live Here

The heat wave has broken (at least for now), and being near and on the water is great.  Love watching all of the sailboat races on Wednesday nights all over the Annapolis area.  It is […]

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