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RV Road Trip Across America: Week Three: Butte, MT to Alpine, WY

(I was sitting in the Mirage Sports Book in Las Vegas typing this post.  It was on a Sunday, and the Captain wanted to watch the Redskins Game.  Taking advantage of free and great Internet when and […]

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RV Road Trip Across America: Week Two: Rapid City, SD to Butte, MT

RV Road Trip Week 2: First let me say, good internet connections on the road are challenging at best.  I am also struggling with finding time to sit down and focus on writing, selecting and […]

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RV Road Trip Across America: Week One: Annapolis, MD to Rapid City, SD

Our Plan and Goals The Captain and I embarked on a monumental road trip the day after Labor Day, September 6, 2016. Our goal is to take our RV out to Palm Springs, California. We […]

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Travel & Photography: Camera Backpack Essentials When Traveling

I am an over-packer.  Traveling light is very difficult for me.  However, we recently went on a trip and did NOT fly on Southwest, so there were NO free bags on our flights.  (I have become very spoiled […]

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2016 Calendar Winners

For the past several years, I have created a calendar for family and friends.  I take LOTS of photos every year.  As of this writing, I have taken 9,990 photos (primarily with my iPhone and […]

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Cruisin’ on Carnival

I recently cruised on the Carnival Pride from Baltimore with a girlfriend from high school. Baltimore is about 45 minutes from home, so no flying was necessary, which was awesome. I just needed a ride […]

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My Ten Tips for Better Portrait Photography

1.  Use natural lighting whenever possible.  Place your subject by a window, or even better, go outside in the shade if it’s a bright sunny day, or if its overcast, even better.  Photographing your subjects […]

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Wildlife Photography: The Sea Lions at Pier 39

For these photos, I used my Nikon D300 (12.3 megapixels) with a 18-270mm lens.  I used an ISO of 400.  These photos were taken early in the morning, around 7:00 a.m. By far, my absolute […]

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Mom Behind the Viewfinder Circa mid-1960s

I asked my Mom to send me some of her photos of the cherry blossoms when she and her co-workers would go to see them during their lunch hour when they worked for the government […]

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Day Trippin’ to see Cherry Blossoms

I’ve been watching the weather, waiting for these beauties to come into full bloom, and Monday was the day to go and catch the cherry blossoms in all of their glory.  (Weekends are absolutely insane trying […]

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