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RV Road Trip Across America: Week Three: Butte, MT to Alpine, WY

(I was sitting in the Mirage Sports Book in Las Vegas typing this post.  It was on a Sunday, and the Captain wanted to watch the Redskins Game.  Taking advantage of free and great Internet when and […]

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RV Road Trip Across America: Week Two: Rapid City, SD to Butte, MT

RV Road Trip Week 2: First let me say, good internet connections on the road are challenging at best.  I am also struggling with finding time to sit down and focus on writing, selecting and […]

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RV Road Trip Across America: Week One: Annapolis, MD to Rapid City, SD

Our Plan and Goals The Captain and I embarked on a monumental road trip the day after Labor Day, September 6, 2016. Our goal is to take our RV out to Palm Springs, California. We […]

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Travel & Photography: Camera Backpack Essentials When Traveling

I am an over-packer.  Traveling light is very difficult for me.  However, we recently went on a trip and did NOT fly on Southwest, so there were NO free bags on our flights.  (I have become very spoiled […]

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2016 Calendar Winners

For the past several years, I have created a calendar for family and friends.  I take LOTS of photos every year.  As of this writing, I have taken 9,990 photos (primarily with my iPhone and […]

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Goodbye Hummingbirds :(

I saw a hummingbird here at this house in May, and rushed to put out my feeders and then …. nothing.  No hummingbirds at the feeders for most of the summer.  I was SO bummed. But I […]

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Cruisin’ on Carnival

I recently cruised on the Carnival Pride from Baltimore with a girlfriend from high school. Baltimore is about 45 minutes from home, so no flying was necessary, which was awesome. I just needed a ride […]

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My Ten Tips for Better Portrait Photography

1.  Use natural lighting whenever possible.  Place your subject by a window, or even better, go outside in the shade if it’s a bright sunny day, or if its overcast, even better.  Photographing your subjects […]

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This Beautiful Little Lady :)

I love photographing her. Her Mom has insisted that I capture this little lady’s life since she was in her Mom’s belly.  As I look through all of these photos over the past five years, I […]

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Wildlife Photography: The Sea Lions at Pier 39

For these photos, I used my Nikon D300 (12.3 megapixels) with a 18-270mm lens.  I used an ISO of 400.  These photos were taken early in the morning, around 7:00 a.m. By far, my absolute […]

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