Celebrating Family Milestones


On Saturday, we celebrated my father's 70th birthday.  Dad didn't want a big party, just close family which included all of his children and two out of four grandchildren.  We all had a great time catching up and being close — just what family is supposed to be.  Here's to celebrating family traditions and creating new memories.  (I love this photo — so unposed and so us).  Happy Birthday, Dad.  I also adore this one:


It was great being able to spend some time with my sister who currently lives in Tampa but is moving to Boston at the beginning of October.  She'll still be a long way away, but at least within driving distance (8 hours).  She's been in Tampa for 15 years, and has enjoyed mild and temperate winters — it may be a little rough for her this winter, but Tampa and the warm weather will only be a plane ride away. 

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