Changing Five Things to Get Unstuck

I love the show Ruby on the Style Network — about a woman's real life struggle to lose weight without surgery.  At one time, Ruby weighed in at 716 pounds and is now down to 328 pounds.  In the last episode, Ruby was struggling with keeping on target with her weight loss goals, and Ruby's therapist suggested changing five things in her life to get "unstuck."  I thought to myself "What a great idea!"

While I have never been close to where Ruby is on her weight loss journey, I did weigh in at 238 pounds at my heaviest.  I've lost a lot of that weight, but I have been stuck, and have even gained back 10 pounds in the past year.  Not a place I want to be, but it's where I am and I am choosing to deal with it in a positive and healthy way.  I've decided to change five things in my life to get unstuck and start moving forward again.

Some of the changes I've decided to make include the obvious:

  • Join a gym and work with a trainer at least 5 days per week to incorporate weight training into my workout routines — very important for women over 40 (which I am).
  • Overhaul the way I eat and move towards a healthy plant based diet.
  • Meditate five minutes twice per day and increase that time by one minute each month.
  • Start journaling again about what I can do about problematic areas in my life (and not use the journal merely as a place to complain about what's not working in my life)
  • Find a way to incorporate my photography into a profitable business.

I'm tired of being on the sidelines.

Put me in coach…I'm ready to play.

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