Chasing the Light

2013-01-21 07.16.06
Lighting is everything in photography.  That is why we photographers are always chasing the light.  It's all about the light.  ALWAYS.  That's why we get up so early, to capture the best photos in the golden hour at dawn and then bide our time during the day to caputre the fading light at dusk.  Remember, it's not about the camera, you can use whatever camera you have.  Most of my sunrise shots were taken with my iPhone 4.  You just need to know your limitations with the camera you are using and proceed accordingly.

2013-02-05 08.21.312013-01-22 07.01.56
2013-01-21 07.16.062013-01-21 07.15.342013-01-17 07.36.56

In some cases, you are also capuring awesome rainstorms over the ocean.

At the end of the day, no one gets to steal my light.

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