Cheers to a Beautiful Weekend!

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This past weekend was perfect weather-wise.  On Saturday, I went to the Amish Market in St. Mary's County with a friend of mine, and walked around for hours looking at all of the stuff.  Some antiques and a lot of junk and of course, the Amish were selling their famous baked goods.  The Amish also sell livestock at the market, and there were two baby piglets I wanted to take home with me so badly.  But I didn't. There were also puppies and kittens for sale, and I walked away from those without even holding them (why torture myself?)

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the Muddy Creek Artist Guild to show my work for possible membership in the organization.  They wanted to see three examples of my work.  As a photographer, it is difficult to showcase your work in only three prints.  So I brought more than three, luckily.  Because this area is on the Chesapeake Bay, I thought maybe some nautical themed prints would be in order, but I also wanted to demonstrate that I photographed more than just boats and lighthouses.

I was accepted as a new member, and part of the reason was because my work was different.  I showed landscapes from Antelope Canyon, Death Valley National Park, and the Grand Canyon.

I am looking forward to showcasing my work in an upcoming show.

Off to work today at Paper Source.

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