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I am going to China in November.  I got my passport and special visa from the Chinese Embassy, and I leave on my trip in less than a month.  I am SO excited.  I was matched with a roommate, whom I have met twice already and she is great.  She is a fellow wanderer like me, and I think we are going to have a fabulous time.  I will share more about the itinerary later.  I wanted to share with you the travel journal I will take with me on my big adventure to China.

In the photo above on the right, you can see my X stitch binding, which I learned in this class sponsored by Mary Ann Moss, who is so inspiring.  Read her blog.  I did this stitch with 1/8″ ribbon instead of linen thread or any other type of book binding thread.  It was very time consuming (because the ribbon kept getting twisted), but I persevered, and I think it looks really cool once I finished it.  I don’t know how this cover, ribbon binding, etc. is going to hold up on the go, but am going to devise some sort of protective cover before I leave.

Actually, this is REALLY all of Dexter’s doing, I just got to photograph it all 🙂 (Seriously, he wouldn’t get out of the way, and that’s just how this is going to roll)…

IMG_8783 IMG_8782 IMG_8781 IMG_8780 IMG_8778 IMG_8777 IMG_8770 IMG_8759

Lots of blank pages with pockets sewn (or taped in) ready for memorabilia.  Like Mary Ann suggested, use these blank pockets now for storing labels, embellishments, etc. many of which were provided by my super nice China roommate.

Great plan.

The travel journal is done, now if only I can pack lightly … how does a girl pack light for a two week journey with multiple destinations and climates?

This girl will let you know as she navigates the nuances of traveling light in order to bring back lots of souvenirs.


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  1. kathy that is TRULY one of the most beautiful journals i think i’ve ever seen. no kidding! your ribbon binding is stunning. can’t wait to hear more about your china trip. your roomate sounds wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much! You were a great teacher.

  2. I’m sure if Dexter could figure out a way he would be going to China with you! He looks so interested in your journal.

  3. Dexter is so funny!!! Love the journal – it looks amazing, can’t wait to see it filled with all your memories. 🙂

  4. Love the journal! It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see it after the trip.

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