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I'm slowly catching up with my Christmas Journal pages:

December 7a 

December 7b 

December 8a 

December 9a
December 10a

Today, a trip to the National Gallery of Art to see In the Darkroom:  Photographic Processes Before the Digital Age.  It was a great exhibit and it felt great to know something about early photographers presented there and the photographic processes before silver gelatin prints (black and white photographs as we know them today). I went with my photography teacher, Carolyn, and we had a good time looking at art, eating some food in the Gallery cafeteria (very upscale cafeteria food, by the way, and I highly recommend it), browsing the gift shops, stopping at Starbucks for some coffee and great conversation all day long.  We are so lucky to live near all of the free museums in Washington, DC, it's truly a great way to get a cultural experience without spending a lot of money.

Now it's onto getting caught up with my Christmas Journal, and to start wrapping presents.

The weather reports are forecasting a big snowstorm over the weekend.  I'm anxious to see what the weather brings on Saturday.

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