Cleaning Out My Attic — A Bittersweet Experience

Yours truly, cleaning out the attic in my house in the physical sense, and dealing with a lot of emotions in the process.  Who knew?

Found these Halloween paper plates, still wrapped in the original plastic, left by the former owners.  SO using these at Halloween this year.

A Hunter fan with light kit in the original box, never used.  All the parts, sytrofoam and instructions still in the box.  The box has some mildew, but the fan in light kit in good shape.  This is being donated.  I have fans and lights in all of my bedrooms.  (This moved with me from Nanjemoy in 2004).


I loved this old farmhouse…to this day, I have never been able to bring myself to drive by to see what became of it.  I want to always remember it the way I left it.

Wow, this was a shocker.  When I got married in 1991,

(Me with my good friend, Elaine, in 1991).  She died way too soon in 2004.  Lots of emotions with cleaning out this attic.

Anyway, I got two identical sets of Revereware pots and pans with lids as a wedding gift.  I used one set, and the other set has sat unused for all of these years.  I got divorced in 1993, so I probably should have returned all of the gifts.  Live and learn.

Then I came across this:

Which belonged to this guy, who left me on September 28, 2010:

Zachary LR
Man, this has been a tough day 🙂  But, am going to donate Zachary's bed to an animal rescue group.  (It's been sanitized and is ready to go).

I am learning, you hold on to the memories,not the stuff.

I have an entire container full of Christmas ribbon.  I will never, ever need to purchase Christmas ribbon in my lifetime.  Thankyouverymuch. If you, on the other hand, need some Christmas ribbon, please let me know. 🙂

And finally, the last surpise in the attic (at least for today):

Journals dating back to 1994.  Lots of painful stuff in there that I'm not ready to read over again, if ever.  

It seriously made me cry seeing that stuff and knowing all of the angst that lies in those pages.

On the other hand, it's my life, and I lived it, good or bad.

Not sure what to do with those journals.  

Not sure that I want anyone else to read them, ever.

Maybe some things really belong in the past.

P.S.  I want this blog to be positive for the most part.  However, I also want it to reflect honestly about how my life is going, and sometimes, it's not always happy and positive and upbeat.  Yesterday was a tough day, dealing with the demons of my past.  

Stuff I need to process.

What I learned about myself yesterday:

I am a writer.

I will always be a writer.

No one will ever take that away from me.

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