Cleaning out the Attic — Part II

Yesterday's foray into cleaning out the attic wasn't nearly as traumatic.  Here is the aftermath:

A ton of stuff being donated to Purple Heart. They are coming tomorrow.  The stuff I'm keeping was hauled out to the new shed.

A basket in my craft room with stuff that I am organizing, and purging, and giving away.  I started this project while waiting for help to arrive in cleaning out the attic.  I am amazed at how much stuff I am letting go of.

I did find one more wedding gift in the attic:

DSC_2279This brandy/cordial snifter with six tiny glasses.  These pieces are just beautiful.  They were made in West Germany, and they are going to find a place of prominence in my home.  As I recall this gift came from the groom's side, wedding crashers at the last minute, but they did bring a nice gift.  

I also need to find a small china cabinet to display the snifter and my grandmother's china (which is still in the attic).

I have one more round in the attic, mostly all of my Christmas stuff.  But that probably won't happen today.  Pouring down rain.  So going to work on my craft room and office.  

Don't worry, after photos are coming.

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