Color vs. Black and White

I got back into the darkroom yesterday and was more productive.  I produced two black and white images from my trip to Everglades National Park — the subject — alligators.  I also shot color photographs of essentially the same scene and included them for a comparison:



Gators Breakfast 


Personally, I like both images and think each one has its strengths.  I love the contrast in the black and white photos, and I like that each of the color images shows a little more of the surrounding area (especially the bottom , and shows color.  And yes, I am the crazy woman walking around with a digital and a film SLR camera, snapping photos with each camera.

On a totally unrelated note, I sat down for a couple of hours last night and watched some episodes of Oprah I had recorded on my DVR.  I am really going to miss her show.  She's had some really good guests recently and always thought provoking topics.  I especially enjoyed yesterday's episode, Food 101, which really challenges you to think about the way you shop and eat.  I also loved the interview with Rosie O'Donnell on Monday.  I had forgotten how funny Rosie was, and I really do like her, she's so relatable.  All information about Oprah's episodes this week can be found here.

And lastly, Happy Birthday, Mom!  Have a great day and see you on Sunday.

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  1. For the first two pictures I prefer the colored one because you are able to see more details of the alligators. The second image I prefer the black and white image because of the interesting contrast black and white gives the composition.

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