Computer Blues


Photo taken yesterday on our walk through the neighborhood.

Yesterday was beautiful!  64 degrees and sunny!  What a delight to get a day like that in the dead of winter. 

I am posting from my laptop today because I am in the process of copying all of my photos from 2008 to my external hard drive.  At last check it was 216 minutes to go.  After I have finished copying all of my files to the external hard drive, the computer is going to the shop to be reapaired.  I ran a malware detection tool from Microsoft which took over 5 hours to run, only to be told there is no malware on my computer — but I got the blue screen of death again this morning.  Very frustrating.  My computer has had an active anti-virus software program running since I bought it (McAfee).  I contacted them the last time this happened and they told me to run a system scan through DOS which I did and that seemed to eliminate the problem for 3 months, but then it came back and I tried to run the system scan through DOS again but was unable to do so.  I contacted McAfee again, and they said I had to PAY THEM to remove the virus.  It's time to find a new anti-virus software program.

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