Craft Room Clean-Up

IMG_9010When I created my craft room several years ago, it was such a great space to work in.  However, over the years, it has become so cluttered with STUFF, that it’s not a pleasant place to create or craft in.  I am overwhelmed by the process of cleaning up, purging and re-organizing what I have left.  I just had to start somewhere, and I have begun the tedious and time consuming process of purging.

The key is to not keep anything I don’t LOVE.

The other key is that I will most likely give away a lot of this stuff, however, there are some things that I should at least try to sell.

A friend of mine has had success selling stuff on Ebay (not craft stuff, however).
I listed the above items on Ebay last night, my first attempt at selling online.  I’ll see how it goes.  I love these fun film cameras, but I don’t have access to a darkroom anymore (which makes me sad), much less the time to devote to the entire process of working in the darkroom, and it’s time to let go of this stuff that is taking up space in my closet.
IMG_9016Here are some other items that are going on Ebay.  I am watching an auction right now to see how this exact set of Sizzix die cuts are going for.  Once that auction is over, I will set my price and move this stuff out.  I have 4 similar boxes of die cuts that I want to sell.  I also have the original boxes.

IMG_9013This is another auction I am watching, this Cricut with 4 cartridges.  I will sell this as a bundle with 5 cartridges based upon what the auction with 4 cartridges sells for.

Those items are the ones I feel will sell.

IMG_9004A quick tour around parts of my craft space.  Lots of ribbon and stamp pads.

IMG_9003I have LOTS of rubber stamps and clear stamps.  There doesn’t seem to be a big market for stamps on Ebay, so I’ll just go through, purge, and give them away, or maybe even have a “craft lovers” yard sale.

IMG_9005My handmade fine papers.  I have LOTS of papers, too many, actually.   I will go through these and purge.  I also want to invest in flat file storage for these papers, with something like this from Ikea.  It’s $114, and you assemble.  I think I can handle that.


IMG_9006I also have lots of punches, and I definitely need to go through these and give some away.

IMG_9008LOTS of 12×12 papers too, most of which I’ll never use.  Time to find a good home.  I did take the time to color coordinate the paper.

IMG_9009IMG_9011 IMG_9012 copyI still love the decorative elements in this room, and when I look out the window into the back yard, I love watching the birds at the feeders.  I can also look at where Ginger is resting.  Daffodils and tulips are going out there soon, and probably some hostas as well.

IMG_9014I am woefully behind on my Project Life this year.  The last week I completed was the last week in April.  Definitely time to get caught up with that, as I really enjoy looking back and seeing what I did every week during the past year.

That’s what I am planning on working on this weekend.  If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the items I have mentioned, please send me an email:

Enjoy your weekend.


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