Creating Memories on the Road

I have taken a couple of classes within the past six months addressing scrapbooking on the road.  The first one was a class created by Mary Ann Moss called Remains of the Day.  I was SO inspired by that class, and created this album for a trip I took in the fall, and filled it in while traveling including journaling the day's events and added photos once I got home:

DSC_0056 DSC_0059 copy

Two weeks ago, Ali Edwards introduced another self-paced class on her blog called Scrapbook on the Road.  So I purchased that class and watched the videos and downloaded the documentation, and proceeded to create a travel scrapbook that I will fill in while on the road in Ireland. Here is the shell in progress:

DSC_2108 copy
I decided to create my own chipboard album with book board purchased from Paper Source, and secure it with three loose notebook rings.  The chip board is super thick and sturdy, and I used a box cutter to cut the pieces to 7.5" x 5.5."  The pink chipboard letters I've had in my stash forever, and decided to paint them green along with the covers of my album.

DSC_2109 copy
I did not like the way the letters looked, so I carefully peeled them off the cover and decided to paint them a complimentary lighter green.

DSC_2110 copy
Much better.  (painted a few coats on the chipboard cover and letters).  Love the lighter green.  Adhered the letters with my Xyron sticker maker, and sealed with Mod Podge.

Now here's the rest of the book:

DSC_2143There is a Heidi Swapp map transparency covering the chipboard cover (I don't think you can buy it anymore 🙁 )

DSC_2145 copy
I created a 3-D shamrock using Shrinky Dinks (LOVE this product!), and adhered it directly to the cover using glue dots.  I also took a round metal tag, and stamped the year of my trip and a little heart.

Then I put random pieces of paper inside to fill out the journal, and will use the pages to stick labels, ticket stubs, brochures or whatever else I may stumble across on that particular day.  I may need to add or take out pages as the trip progresses depending upon how much stuff I collect that I want to put in my book.

DSC_2147 copy
Luckily, it's close to St. Patrick's Day, so I was able to pick up some shamrock ephemera and other tidbits relating to the celebration of St. Patrick, and I included them in my journal.

DSC_2148 copy DSC_2149 copy  DSC_2150 copy
This is a Hambly transparency, aptly named Chicken Coop.  I wanted to use more transparencies in this project, but had a difficult time finding ones that I liked that were in stock.  I finally ordered some ink jet transparencies that will hopefully work.  I can either print on them or leave them plain in my book.

DSC_2151 copy
I also created pages that had names of specific cities I plan to visit while in Ireland.  I like the effect, and may create more (I messed up punching the holes — a careless error I made when I was really tired 🙁  )  Gaffer Tape, 7 Gypsies (currently out of stock, not sure if/when it will be back in), and letters, Thickers Rockabye, in Leaf

DSC_2152 copyDSC_2153 copyDSC_2154 copyThe "savoy" old fashioned camera was a card I bought from Paper Source, and I had to include it in my book.  (I cut the card on the seam and have the front and the back of my card in my book and will use something to cover up the back side of the card where the price and sku are located).

I am planning to bring a Fujifilm Instax camera along on my trip, which takes instant polaroid type photos the size of a business card.  I am SO excited to be able to include daily photos taken instantly on my journey.

DSC_2155 copy
DSC_2156 copy
No book is complete without some envelopes to contain hidden treasures.

DSC_2157 copy
The back cover.

DSC_2158 copy
and the other half of the map transparency.

Excited to begin filling up my book two weeks from today.  Thanks to Mary Ann and Ali for their inspiration!

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