Creative Challenge #1

Today (Monday) has proven to be overcast with periods of rain.  So much for plans to go to the pool.  Instead, it’s onto Creative Challenge #1, a series in which I will challege myself creatively and see what I come up with.

This decision came about and I was struggling in the creativity department.  So I decided to try other artistic endeavors to see how it enhances my sense of creativity.  My first challenge came in the form of this Big Pictures Class, Lift Me Up by Mou Saha.  Mou teaches us how to recycle (or as she says, “upcycle”) everyday household items into works of art.  This week’s challenge is to make a shadow box out of a box no bigger than 6″x6.”  Here is my box in progress:

I will share the finished box tomorrow.  Of course, the techniques I cannot share here, check out Mou’s blog or Big Picture classes to sign up for the next session.

I also just finished Ali Edward’s class, 31 Things, also featured on Big Picture Classes, and she challenged us to tell more of the story with 31 daily prompts, and then create a simple layout featuring the words and one or two photos.  I found out a lot about myself through this challenge.  I also found that I love the act of writing, especially with my favorite fountain pen and in my special journal/sketchbook:


I have been very much frustrated with the intermittent Internet service of late.  I am becoming seriously annoyed.  Also, Lighroom has not been recognizing my camera when I have photos to unload, which is also SO frustrating.  Lightroom is also “not responding,” on a pretty regular basis these days.  I hate computer and Internet problems, I don’t handle them well at all.

My stamina is still very much lacking, and a simple trip to the mall yesterday left me absolutely exhausted for the rest of the day.  So, my mantra continues to be “gentle care,” for the next few weeks.


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