Creative Endeavors on the Road

I have always had a hard time keeping my hands
still, even while watching television.
I have to be doing something.
As many of you know, I ‘ve been operating away from my home base (and
all of my craft supplies) for several weeks.  I brought some stuff with me, bought more stuff like these beautiful handmade papers (which I
couldn’t help myself) from Pearl Paint.IMG_0115
I don’t mind saying that the paper was much cheaper per sheet than the handmade paper at Paper Source (even with my employee discount), although Paper Source does have a much larger collection of handmade papers.

In any event, working with limited supplies forces me to be more creative and I actually like the results.  I made these while I’ve been away:

I learned how to bind these particular books through this class, which is nothing short of awesome.  I also brought along this other book on the right that I made at home during Tropical Storm Sandy, and needs filling up:IMG_0042The pages are watercolor paper and I painted them and stenciled before I assembled the book.  That book is going to be filled with whimsical creations, such as this one (which isn’t finished yet):
IMG_0044IMG_0045Here is another page that is “blank” and waiting for further inspiration.

And here is another page, again, not yet finished.  The inspiration for this entire book comes from the amazing talents of Teesha Moore.  I discovered her art magazine at Paper Source in Georgetown back in the day (and long before I started working there) when there were only about 15 stores, and each store had its own unique vibe, and a mix of fine papers, book binding supplies, rubber stamps and awesome art magazines.

This book is filled with “mixed media” pages, scrapbook paper, security envelopes I recycled from my mail, plastic page protector pockets, whatever tickled my fancy at the time.  The inspiration for this book came from another Mary Ann Moss class creation, Full Tilt Boogie.  I am using this book for all of the ephemra, journaling and extra photos that didn’t make it into my Project Life Album during this time away from home.  I am not doing things in any particular order in this book, just putting stuff where I want and not worrying about it being in chronological order.  Here are some of those pages:

And this book is filled with nothing but watercolor paper and is going to be used specifically for water color drawings:

It is blank at the moment.

This is another book that I carry around with me almost all of the time (to the beach, pool, riding in the car when someone else is driving).  It is a sketch book, and I draw in this one almost exclusively, no journaling in this book.

I drew this based on a photograph I had taken at the beach.  I used copic markers to color in the water and the birds’ feet, and pan pastels to indicate the sand and shadows.

And this last drawing is based on a book I purchased featuring pin-up models from the 1930s-1950s.  If you are offended by a topless female figure, now would be a good time to close out of this web page.  I turned my model into a mermaid:

As you can see, I have several sketchbooks going on at once, and it suits me.  Some people need to work in just one book all of the time until it is filled up.  I have done that as well. It all depends upon my mood.  The point is, just get out there and create something, anything, even if you never show anyone.  I wouldn’t show anyone some of my earlier drawings (just from one year ago, — that is when I seriously started drawing).

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