Day in the Life #6

This pretty much sums up Saturday around here.  I got the girls ready and dropped them off with their Mom a little after noon.  A happy reunion for them, and no photos.  I just wasn’t up for taking many photos at all yesterday.  Staying off my knee and keeping ice on it was my #1 priority.  (I did manage to get out and water my flowers early in the morning yesterday before it got too hot).

All of my remotes.  A day in front of the TV.  I watched Winter’s Bone, and the first disc of Rich Man, Poor Man.

The remnants of Camp Kathy.  Just had to let it go.  I did wash all of the sheets and towels and got clean sheets on my bed.  Hoping to clean up more today (Sunday).


I just love the way the light was reflecting off of the plant in the living room.


I spent the vast majority of yesterday in my PJs and with an ice pack on my knee.

A hand delivered chocolate milkshake from Chick-fil-A always makes me feel better.

I now wish I had documented packing up the girls, the last breakfast they had (Pop Tarts), and dropping them off with their Mom. Just have to let it go.  My sister gave me the most beautiful thank you gift, will have to post the photo with my documentation of Sunday (and am definitely taking more photos today).

Sunday = last official day of Week in the Life series.  Although, I documented last Sunday in full detail when I picked up the girls, so I may be doing an album of 8 days.  I’m not sure how I’m going to put it all together yet.

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