Dear Mr. Motorcycle Man


(For the record, this is NOT the motorcycle man I'm referring to.)

Dear Mr. Motorcycle Man,

This morning, I was on my way to help my friend pick out two kittens.  I came upon you on a two-lane road, and you were going well under the posted speed limit by about 10 miles.  At the intersection, it appeared to me you were going straight (as you did not use your turn signal) and I was turning left.  I went around you into the left lane and you got behind me yelling obscenities along with some vulgar hand gestures.  I looked at you in my rear view mirror and said "I'm sorry!"  

I didn't know you were turning left, you gave no indication you were doing so.  My apology meant nothing, as you kept screaming "F**K you, B**ch! over and over, and as I went through the light you pulled up beside me in the shoulder lane, I rolled down my window and apologized profusely, again, and all you kept saying is "F**K you, B**ch!"  I was not trying to cut you off or be rude.  Many people I know are bikers, and I respect them.  You were inconsolable, and maybe because you've never done anything to offend anyone, you can sit there in your perfection and use such vulgar language to berate me.  I hope that made you feel better.

Again, I'm sorry that I am not perfect, and that my apology was met with such disdain.  I sincerely feel if I were a man you would have tried to beat the crap out of me, but since I'm not, the words "F**K you, B**ch! will have to suffice.

Have a nice day,

The woman who cut you off

Man, it's amazing that the power of words can really either make or break your day.  I'm still reeling from the confrontation this morning, and that my attempt to apologize was ignored.  

I guess that's just the way it rolls sometimes.

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  1. so sorry it still is having an affect..remember thzt his anger is about him, not just happened to get a piece of it that is probBly rage at everyone who has ever cut him off and being the nice person you are, he needed to continue taking advantage of someone who would listen to him….in a roundabout way, maybe you made his day by allowing him to vent…..

  2. I actually felt SO much better after I wrote it all out. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  3. I’m going through these posts backwards!
    Wish I had seen this when it was posted, what a horrible thing to say to you, some people are just down right mental cases.
    You couldn’t have done anything that would have made the situation better, thank goodness you were not hurt physically..but emotionally you must have been wrecked.

  4. Thanks, Teri! It was pretty awful, but after I write about things, I’m usually fine, it’s my therapuy.

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