December Daily, Day 1

I am feeling SO incredibly out of it this month.  I am exhausted, and having a really difficult time keeping up with the journal this year.  Today is December 8th, a friend came over for lunch, and I didn't even remember to get out the camera to take a photo!  Just one — no big involved photo shoot — just one photo, so I don't know what is up.  Maybe my heart really isn't so much into it this year, and I just feel so incredibly tired.  Like I just can't do one more thing, and it's so not like me.  I have a great life, and I don't mean to complain, so forgive me 😉

December 1a
December 1a-1
December 1a-2
December 1b
December 1b-1
December 1b-2
I am actually caught up except for today on journaling and photos, it's just getting everything scanned in and uploaded that is so time consuming.  (I'm thinking I just really miss my buddy SO much 😉  He wasn't a perfect dog, but he was a great dog just the same).


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