Describing Fine Art Photography

Feeding FrenzyLR
This print was taken on black and white film, processed by me in the darkroom, and it's been a long and winding road to get a print this decent and even now I know I need to burn in more in the bottom left (in front of the flying seagull).  This is a print on glossy fiber paper, and it looks beautiful in person, and is perhaps one of the prints I am going to submit for sale in the Muddy Creek Artists Guild Gift for the Arts show in December.  

I am trying to also think of clever names for my pieces, so I might name this one Feeding Frenzy.  Everything being displayed at the show has to be for sale.  I would probably price this piece higher than a digital photograph because it was a lot more work in getting this one printed correctly.  And I would describe this piece as Feeding Frenzy - silver gelatin print on glossy fiber paper.

A digital print such as this one:

DSC_8664 copy2
I might title Black and Blue and describe this as a fine art nature digital photograph printed on matte paper, or watercolor paper, or whatever paper I decide to print on.  I still have to get everything framed, and I have no idea about the costs, except that there is a discount offered to Guild members at a certain framing shop in Edgewater.  I think I might start off with five framed prints for sale and see how that goes.

Here is the flyer about the show:

Gifts from the arts_flyer[1]
Pretty excited about finally getting my work out there, and here's hoping some of it sells.

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