This print only has a small white border around the edges.  Most people would prefer this, and I've printed almost all of my stuff like this.  Just tryin' somethin' new with the full-framed effect.

Direction — sometimes I feel like a compass aand keep going in circles, bobbing up and down without a clear sense of direction.

A much appreciated day off today.

Wish sleeping in was on the list — but not to be :-(  Work on the 1/2 bath began yesterday.

Lunch plans.

Getting stuff put away so the furntiure can be moved back into the house (furniture has been in the pod since April 17th — SO ready to get my furniture back).

Working on a couple of mini books — one for travel this summer and another one of Good Stuff 2009, which will contain stuff I think is good.  Does that sound good?  The good thing about these mini books is: 

I don't have to buy a single thing (b/c I have SO much stuff on hand (or that could be pathetic too)).

They're easy to put together;

And will be done in no time!

Will be small enough to put into my immensely HUGE purse that I'm carrying around this summer (it's my travel purse — just haven't gotten around to moving everything into my summer bag).

I'll post some photos later…

Lots of Good Stuff for 2009!

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