Documenting My Week…So Far

Some observations on the Week In My Life Journey this year:

  • My car has a lot more miles on it than it did last year, but still runs great;
  • I have a new cell phone;
  • I've had my "kitten," Dexter, for a year now;
  • Lots of changs to the inside of the house (for the better);
  • Lots of changes in personal relationships – not sure yet if it's all good or not, (probably some, or a lot of both) but it will all play itself out however it does, and I'm totally okay with that;
  • It's been a year since the major drama, which seems so hard to beleive.  I survived it, although there were times I didn't think I would.
  • I think I'm getting better at letting stuff go that I can't control;

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