Don’t Talk Yourself Into Unhappiness

I had the coolest doodling with today's title, and my scanner just isn't cooperating 🙁


Happiness on a pillow.

One thought that I had while doodling in my art journal at Jiffy Lube yesterday waiting for the Jeep was "Don't Talk Yourself Into Being Unhappy."
 I think we tend to do that a lot to ourselves (I know I do.)  We see
that there are certain "markers" to be met in life, marriage, family,
kids, and to do it all perfectly, and if we see that we haven't met those
expectations we can really feel left out, or we compare ourselves to others and
wonder why we aren't doing it as well as someone else, and really get down.  This
is not to say — throw up your hands and not care — just be gentle with
yourself, do the best that you can, seek out help when you need it, and let the
rest go.

Today is a beautiful fall day, we’re in a warming trend.  Last night it got dangerously close to
a hard freeze, but it didn’t, so all of the flowers are still stunning in their
beauty against the falling leaves, which at this point are everywhere and in
everything.  I need to do some
mulching again to get the leaves off the grass, porch and driveway.

 I’ve got turkey chili in the crockpot almost ready to enjoy.

 A regular, ordinary kind of perfect day, except that the scanner on the
windows computer is not responding.
  I guess that's my cue to get outside and
enjoy the day!

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