Embracing the Unexpected

The hibiscus is beginning to bloom.  I LOVE hibiscus, and thankfully, there is a perennial that can tolerate Zone 7.

There are also other unexpected things popping up in my yard these days:

DSC_6551 copy
Mushrooms.  Because the sprinkler system is running everyday, parts of the yard are nicely watered and other parts are over watered and soggy and then mushrooms pop up.  It is quite a science figuring the ins and outs of the sprinkler system.

Some unexpected home repairs today 🙁  I always hate to call the plumber — but apparently all of the pipes underneath my kitchen sink need to be replaced because they were not installed correctly to begin with — which is how it has been with everything in this house.  SInce I have to pay for an hour's labor anyway, I may as well get the work done, and have piece of mind.

I am still working on copying my iphoto library to my external hard drive.  I don't need the entire library copied, only the files since April 2009.  A slow and tedious process.  I really need to find an easier way. 

Taking a couple of classes over at Jessica Sprague's website on Pen Tablet Basics for Scrapbookers and Illustrator 2.  I thoroughly enjoyed Jessica's free card making class at the end of June.  Big Picture Scrapbooking is also offering a free class Big Ideas Festival running from August 12th – 24th.

It's been so hot, humid and miserable with no relief and very little rain.  I am ready for a day of steady soaking rain and much cooler temperatures.

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