Entertainment on a Cross-Country Flight

I love taking photos from the plane, such a different perspective on things.  

So, I fly Southwest almost exclusively, and love them.  However, on cross country flights, bringing movies to watch on your computer is essential (especially when flying Southwest, who does NOT charge for 2 pieces of luggage, but offers no-frills, no movies in-flight, etc. and if your Southwest plane doesn't offer wi-fi, then you'd better have a Plan B).  So, I had in my Netflix pile, the movie Hugo.  I shoved it my carry-on bag at the last minute, along with my laptop to take with me this weekend on a short trip across the country for the weekend.

WOW.  That movie was SO good.  Directed by Martin Scorsese. you know the guy that directed Good Fellas, The Departed, and Taxi Driver, and SO NOT like any of those movies, which to me, demonstrates true talent, going totally out of your comfort zone, and directing something so wonderful and whimsical.

Although two young people star in the movie, young people dont't seem to appreciate the story-line.  It's complex, with many subplots, and superb acting.  I highly recommend it.  It's a wonderful tribute to the history of how movies began.

If I had watched Hugo at home with all of the distractions there, I would not have nearly appreciated this movie  the way I did, sitting by the window on an airplane with nothing to do for 2 hours.

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