Experiencing Technical Difficulties


It's been a tough morning around here!  Plans to get things done quickly and get outside and enjoy this beautiful day have gone horribly awry … 🙁  

The technical difficulties I'm experiencing have more to do with user error (or lack of knowledge) than real technical glitches.  The problem is I want to go and do stuff on the Mac that was a piece of cake on the Windows computer — like adjusting the print settings in the print menu of a Photoshop document — on the Mac I just haven't found a way to do that, and my colors are all off.  I find myself going back to Windows to print stuff because of that.  I think I'm going to keep both computers (since they're both brand new), and get them networked and use them both as needed.

I also have a serious learning curve with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium.  There is no way to easily make a contact sheet in Photoshop CS4.  Also, when I save copies of photos and alter them I don't know where they're being saved to — they are not in iphoto.  There is also a new program called "Bridge" that manages all of your documents in the Creative Suite, and they're all in one place for ease of use.  I have no idea how to use Bridge — so I guess I'm going to be looking for some tutorials. 

DSCN3019 copy

I've also set up my Wacom Tablet to use on the Mac.  The tablet is good to use for writing on photos 😉 or for doing fine editing photo work in Photoshop, for hand drawing, the possibilities are endless.  So, I'm going to be using that a lot more as well.

I hope to start making the pages for my December Daily Album.  That way, when December comes, all I need to do is take the photo or complete the journaling and I have a finished page.  You can check out my December Daily for 2008 here.

I also have a photo assignment I need to shoot (color film — artificial light in combination with the sky at twilight), and also have a History of Photography test on Monday.  It's going to be a busy weekend…

Now, I'm off to walk Zachary and enjoy this beautiful day!


And I'm also going to finish up "Documenting a Week In My Life," tomorrow.


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