Experiencing Technical Difficulties….


Man, has it been a frustrating weekend of "no connectivity."  I had problems with both my 3G Network on my iPhone and the cable modem for my internet connection for my home computer went bad.  Turns out the internet on my phone was trying to connect to the wireless connection through the broken cable modem at home, so that's why the internet wasn't working.  I finally figured out this morning that by turning off the wireless feature on the phone, that the 3G network picked up and I had connectivity.  (I figured that out after two calls to AT&T and they couldn't figure out the problem).

Finally got to Comcast today to get a new modem, one that also has a router.  Cleaver Comcast wants to get rid of all of these home user routers, so I had to call them to get it set up.  They told me that in order to set up a home wireless network through this new modem/router, that I had to call another number, and they were a "fee for service" company.  I had to connect my Windows desktop (which does not have wireless capability) to the new cable modem with the help of Comcast, which was free.  Then I just tried to connect my old router with the Mac computer plugged into it into the new modem and ding, ding, ding, I have wireless connectivity without creating a whole new network or using the "pay for service" people.

If you don't understand this, no worries, I just needed to get it off my chest, and through all of this I realized I am *still* pretty computer savvy after all.

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