Experimenting with Your Camera Settings

I took this photo with the ISO set at 3200 (search the menu on your camera and alter the ISO, and experiement, even on a point and shoot digital camrea).  The benefit of having the ISO set on 3200 is that it allows more light inside of the camera and I was able to hand hold the camera and tke this photo of the dahlia.  (Without the ISO that high, I would have experienced some camera shake).

The pier in my neighborhood — I used the flourescent setting on my camera and it made this photo on a cloudy dreary day more pleasing.

The same with this photo, (flourescent setting) and I also adjusted the hue and saturation in Photoshop to make the colors stand out a bit more.

For this shot, I used the tungsten (lightbulb) setting.  I thought it brought out a dramatic effect in the clouds.

Go out this weekend, and change up the settings on your camera and see what you come up with.

Most of all, have some fun.


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