Family Beach Vacation

On the Bay Bridge heading to the beach.

My new favorite rum drink, Havana Club Rum, Ginger Ale and a squeeze of lime.  Mom and I celebrating our arrival at the beach, we are the first ones here, and the rest of the family will be trickling in as the days go by.  I am planning for a relaxing week, not trying to organize or structure anything, come as you are, bring your own food and drink, keep an eye on the kids, and most importantly, let's enjoy this moment in time.

Dinner on the first night:  fresh picked corn on the cob, vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, slices of rich mozzarella cheese which I drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and homemade corn bread, flavored with spring onion and shredded cheddar cheese.

A walk to the beach after dinner.  Don't know why this photo is so blue, I had the white balance set on "auto."  Decided to post it anyway, as I thought it looks rather cool (and blue)!  I kept tweaking the ISO up to 1250 to let more light into the camera so that it wouldn't take so long for the shutter to release.

The humid, thick air has settled on the beach and resembles fog.

Love the blurring of the waves in this photo.  Love the beach, and love that my family is coming.  

Cheers!  Here's to a great beach vacation.

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