Farewell, My Sweet Ginger, Spring 1999-August 28, 2013

IMG_5382LRGoodbye, my sweet boy, with a girl’s name that you never even minded.  You came into my life in the summer of 1999, when I was still living in my townhouse in Waldorf.  You were born in the spring in a feral colony of cats that I began to care for at the townhouse.  When I moved from townhouse in October of that year, you and another cat were the last ones I had neutered.  I had to name you before surgery, before I knew what sex you were, and you were sort of ginger-colored.  When I found out you were a boy, I just kept the name.  I moved you and the other cat to my farm house in Nanjemoy.  I put you both in the garage.  The other cat escaped.  However, you stayed and lived in the attic of the detached garage, and when I came in to feed you and change the litter, you would meow and look down at me from the attic.  Finally, after about nine months, you kept coming closer and closer and then you rubbed up against me, and you decided to be friends.

IMG_5296LRYou were always so sweet, you never hissed, or tried to scratch or bite me when I gave you medicine.  As the years went by, your feral ways kept calling you to be outside, and you would meow relentlessly to be let out.  I finally gave in to your demands, and our entire household was happier because of it.  However, you were always still so sweet and loving, and you trusted me completely.  When you finally did get to be outside, it wasn’t ever to hunt, just to enjoy the fresh air.

IMG_5287LRYou always stayed very close to home, not much of a wanderer at all.  Here you are in the spring of this year among the tulips.

IMG_5161LRand amongst the daffodils, again this photo was from this spring.

IMG_2064LRWhenever you were outside, you were never too far away.  You loved to lay on the porch and just watch the world go by, or take a little cat nap.

IMG_5182LRYour best friend was Kiki.  Kiki wants nothing to do with going outside.  I got Kiki in January 2000.  I think you guys are about the same age.  You guys loved each other, and bonded so well with each other.  I know Kiki is very sad too.

At night when you would meow to go out, I gave in, and without fail, every morning you were right here:

DSC_2578LRat my kitchen window when I opened the blinds, there you were always, faithfully waiting, until this morning.

And this morning, when I opened my blinds what I saw was not you in the window, but two Samoyed dogs, and your lifeless body in the driveway.  I ran outside, hoping you were okay, but knowing deep down, you were gone.  I wrapped a towel around you and picked your still warm body up and brought you into the house, and placed you gently on the dryer.

The dogs were happily content about their business, very friendly to me, and I kept them in the backyard until animal control came.

Some friends came to be with me, and one of them dug you a proper grave in the back yard. However, I had to wait for four hours for Animal Control to come and make a report, and to photograph your wounds. The nice female officer examined you and found three bites on your body.  However, there were no witnesses, but it doesn’t matter, you are gone.

The dogs were microchipped, and they live just a few blocks away.  Animal control took them away, and their owners have to pay a fine to get their dogs back.

You are never coming back.  Heather helped me say goodbye and bury you.

Tomorrow, when I open the kitchen blinds, you won’t be there.

I am so sorry I couldn’t save you.

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  1. We are so very sorry for the Lost of Ginger…You were in our thought and prayers all day..We hugged our dear Leo & Daisy so close today as we thought so much about the lost you were feeling. Animals are a gift given to us from God…They are just little Angels from heaven.

    1. Thank you Sandie for your kind words.

  2. Hi honey, I’m really sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute to Ginger.

    1. Thanks, Karen.

  3. I love the picture of him in the window. That’s how I will always remember him.

    1. That’s one of my favorite photos too…

  4. love you Kat! so sorry you are going through this.. it made me cry–I am grieving with you…. HUGS!

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy.

  5. Kat, that was a beautiful tribute to Ginger….I remember when you first got him and when you moved him with you and how you gained his trust over time. Ginger didn’t deserve what happened, my heart broke when I read the news yesterday. Please try to take comfort knowing that while he didn’t deserve to die like that he had a wonderful life with you….so much more than if he had remained in the feral cat colony. Sad that your Ginger boy is gone. (((hugs)))

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Doris.

  6. Oh Kathy, my heart hurts for you. Dear sweet ginger. Sigh. So so sad. Your tribute is beautiful. Made me cry. Thinking of you both and sending love. Xoxo

    1. Mary Ann, thank you so much for taking time to respond, as someone who has been there. Your tribute to Buck made me cry as well, and I couldn’t imagine what you were going through then. Love and xoxoxo

  7. Sorry to hear about your loss .You know that you are always in our thoughts

    1. Thanks you two xxxxooo

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