Field Trip to Ikea

Can I just say before I get into the Ikea Field Trip that I can’t wait to meet my new nephew. I’m so excited to see him especially since he was just born today.  I hope my sister is back on her feet soon and that she can get some much needed rest.

Okay, now onto my shopping adventure…DSCN2403

(Taken with my Coolpix without the flash – set on an obliging shelf).  No, I did NOT come home with all of these green coffee cups – but I was tempted to come home with some of these:

DSCN2409 but I didn’t – I have two already and two is enough for anybody.

With the wood floors finished (as of today ;-)) and looking SO GOOD – some of my old throw rugs were just awful – and were promptly thrown out with the garbage this morning.  I decided to make the pilgrimage to Ikea – I haven’t been there in probably 20 years.  Needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Everything was so reasonably priced.  Here is some of the loot I came home with:


Instant lighting over my computer desk for less than $10…


A new, elevated dog food and water bowl for Zachary – he’s such a big boy, and he’s gettin’ too old for all that bending over – the rug is new too.

DSC_7167 These two aqua/blue throw rugs (don’t you just love the way the light from the window shines on the floor – I LOVE it!)  They were only $5.99 each.

The last thing I got was for the outside – this beautiful lantern:

DSC_7171 Now if it will only stop raining!

I did get one other thing – but I have to put it together, so I’ll post that photo when I’m done assembling.

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