Final Christmas Journal Pages and What’s Next?

January 4a
January 4th 

January 5b
January 5th

January 6a 

January 6th

Christmas Journal Cover Page 2009
Journal Title Page.

Now, it's onto cleaning up the craft room, and seriously organizing my life.  I'm staring to feel overwhelmed by all of the piles of paper that have accumulated in my office and studio over the holidays.  I know the key is baby steps, tackle one small pile at a time and deal with it.

I am also starting to incorporate daily exercise back into my life once again.  I got a Wii Fit for Christmas, and it is an amazing tool — it weighs you and tells you your BMI (Body Mass Index), and you can create a character that looks like you, which I did, and after my weight and BMI were calculated, my character turned into a plump one 🙁  It's just letting me know where I am.  Even with the exercise, going slow — I want to incorporate exercise I'll stick with — like walking — but it's just too cold out right now.

The key is slow and steady.

Also checking out this blog which is helping me stay focused.

I guess everything in life is a process.

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