Finding A New Purpose


These daffodils from my yard look so pretty in this blue vase — an old Milk of Magnesia bottle I found in the woods at my old house in Nanjemoy.

I know I've promised photos of the office, but it's just not quite there yet.  (Consider the vase of daffodils the official teaser as it is sitting on my new desk).  I've officially kicked the cats out of here, and must keep the door closed, or they just make themselves at home on my daybed and the comforter was literally covered in cat hair, so much so, I had to use a rubber glove to attempt to get most of the hair off of it before washing.  It looks SO much better.  I am putting the final touches on the walls and little accessories here and there and attempting to find homes for other stuff.

I've been rethinking my blog, and the reason why I'm writing it.  I want this blog to be something of substance, and write about something I am passionate about all the time and that is my photography.  I have been focusing on my photography lately and came across this website with some stunning photos that I wanted to share:  I want to produce photos like this.  That's why I'm taking Jessica Sprague's online class, Photo Editing:  Good to Great Workflow.  I am on the first lesson and there is a lot of good stuff in there.

Here's to finding a new purpose.

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