Finding Motivation


I watched the show, Ruby, last night on the Style Network, and found my motivation.  Ruby is a woman who has been fighting morbid obesity her entire adult life, but she's always kept a positive attitude.  Now she is on a journey to get below 350 pounds and beyond (to a healthy weight) and her struggles have inspired me to get busy.  On last night's episode, she talked about recently losing her father, the only man who loved her unconditionally, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Life is short, and we have no control over what others do, only what we do.  It does no good to live a life of comparison — each one of us is on our own unique journey, and it's so easy to judge others and how we perceive them not doing what they should.  It's in those moments we need to turn the microscope on ourselves and see where we aren't living up to our own full potential.

For me, someone who has battled with weight her entire life, it is getting busy exercising and losing these last 40 pounds (it was 30), and gaining control of this monster called emotional eating.  I think for me, I really have to get inside of the emotional aspect of what's eating me, and deal with it, before I can be successful at losing weight and keeping it off.

Zachary and I went on our first walk in a long time last night and it felt good logging those 2.5 miles.  It's definitely time to step up the pace.

It all starts and ends at being grateful for where we are and what we have today, in this moment.

I am grateful…

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