Finding the Words


I love seeing the monarch butterflies on the purple cone flowers in the front yard.  Every time I see a butterfly on the flowers, I have to run in and grab my camera and capture the moment.  I never get tired of seeing the butterflies.  What a miracle of life they are, and what an easy story to document.

Klp070408LifeCycle copy
This is my story of how I witnessed the black swallowtail caterpillar's metamorphous into a beautiful butterfly — a process that took a few weeks over the summer and then the last batch of caterpillars wintered in the caterpillar castle (which protected them from predators) for 9 months, and then one warm day in May, the cocoons opened up and there were butterflies in the castle.  It was an amazing experience. 

I'm having a harder time finding the words to tell the stories of bigger adventures (like the road trip with my Mom in May). While I write everyday, sometimes the words just don't come very easily.  I think part of the process is just to go with the fact that the words aren't coming, but sit down for 10 minutes each day and brainstorm and list events that happened, and then work on the dialogue.  I think I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about how much there is to document.

I know that in time it will all come together.

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