First Assignment and Total Coolness

CAT111 Project 1a

CAT111 Project 1b 

CAT111 Project 1c
Okay, here it is, my first project, cropped 4"x4" drawings of a stapler for Digital Design Foundation.  On first assignments you really don't know what to expect, so here's hoping I did okay.  Drawing is not my strong suit, although I would like to get better at it, and I know that only comes through practice.  Also I will have some mandatory readers during the semester, since one of the requirements of this class is to keep a blog, and to respond to other classmates' blogs during the course of the semester.  All of the class assignments (the good, the bad, and the downright ugly) can be found here.

Now, onto the coolness:

My new iphone case (that I ordered on Tuesday) came in today!  LOVE IT!  I ordered it here, and found out about the site through here.  Included in the box was a coupon for 20% off another iphone case, so I ordered another one with one of my own photos.  I will post a photo of it when it comes in.

I am also drooling over the new ipad, and maybe I'll get one for Christmas (after all of the initial bugs have been worked out).  One of the complaints is that it doesn't have a camera, but seriously, how many cameras does a girl need?  I have a lot of cameras and a lot of pens.  That's just me.

A low key weekend, and going to Mom's on Sunday to celebrate her birthday.

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