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Tomato, basil and Italian flat leaf parsley.

One of my many containers with vinca, New Guinea impatiens, and the pink/green and white/green speckled leaves are an annual (have to plant every year) called Confetti Pink and Confetti White.  There is also a mum growing in there from last fall (a perennial (comes back every year) mum).  

New Guinea impatiens

Herbs, annuals and perennials just waiting to be planted or for the seeds to sprout.

Pansies (annual) that I planted in the fall.  They go dormant in the winter and bloom again beautifully in the spring and early summer.  They die off when it gets hot.

I went to Homestead Gardens yesterday and picked up some plants for my containers as well as my annual allotment of three tomato plants and lots of basil and parsley plants.  I hope the black swallowtail butterflies come back this year (they LOVE the parsley, and lay their eggs on it and the caterpillars eat the parsley like CRAZY before going into the chrysalis (or the cocoon) phase).  I did some planting yesterday.

Today was busy with school and it has been raining on and off all day.  Hopefully I can get back into the garden tomorrow.

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