From the Darkroom…

This photo was taken at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas back in January.   It was a PAIN to get a decent print because it was a very contrasty photograph, meaning that the building you see on the left side of the photograph wasn't visible until it was "burned-in" (given more time by like a minute, which is a LONG time while the rest of the print was covered up) and the lower right wheel needed much less time, in other words a very complicated process called dual-filtration printing in the traditional dark room.  I am going to experiment with this print in Photoshop using the "burn" and "dodge" tools and see what I come up with.

Also from Fort Jefferson:

I LOVE this print.  This brickwork and craftsmanship was from the 1850s.  I call this print "Wide Arches."  The black framing the photograph means it's a full frame print (nothing is cropped out of the photograph). 

And this one, which I called Narrow Arches:

These two "arches" prints were a breeze to print out in the darkroom.

Now, I'm going outside to enjoy this beautiful spring weather…

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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