From the Keys to Ft. Myers


 (Campsite at Koreshan State Historic Site)

All good things must come to an end.

We reluctantly left the Keys on Wednesday morning, and headed north (on our way home, eventually) to the west coast of Florida, near Ft. Myers to a state park campground called Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero, Florida.  We spent two nights here, and were lucky to get a reservation at all, however, due to a last minute cancellation we were able to get in.  The site was lovely, private and spacious.  We were able to let the dogs out on their leads without worrying about other dogs.  However, there were so many interesting smells and sounds and sights, that the dogs keep getting tangled up around stuff.  Like I said, need to find a better fix to prevent that from happening.

There are two differing opinions  on state/national park campgrounds:  lots of privacy and space, cool nature trails and wildlife; however, no amenities like a swimming pool.

I am a fan of state/national park sites because of this:


This gopher tortoise had it’s home right behind our campsite.


Rabbits were abundant, which also means that there is a healthy Florida panther population nearby (according to the park ranger).

We were also close enough to the beautiful white sandy beaches of Ft. Myers

IMG_8938LRMeanwhile, back at home:


It melted pretty quickly….

After two nights at the state park, we headed to see my sister in Tampa, and then began the LONG trek home.

Final thoughts tomorrow…

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